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Cato offers quality fire alarm covers made in the USA. This and other Product Pages are provided for you to download and print. To open a pdf file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer.

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CATO Protective Covers w/ Breaker Bar (220-SB)

220-SB alarm cover

Cover installation photo 1
Easy to install in minutes

Cover installation photo 2
Easy to use


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Can be installed in a very few minutes
  • Can be installed with a screwdriver
  • Mounting screws and anchors provided
  • No glass to shatter
  • Scored acrylic panel for easier emergency access
  • Cannot rust
  • Have rounded corners for maximum safety
  • Easily kept clean
  • Opened quickly for inspection or maintenance
  • Greater impact-resistance than metal
  • Lower shipping/handling costs than metal
  • Water-resistant for outside installation
  • Injection molded of high density plastic


  • Shipped completely assembled
  • Cover remains open during inspection/maintenance
  • Pull handles are designed to A.D.A. specifications
  • Breaker bar is vandal-resistant
  • Available with breaker bar or unsecured pull handle


Protective covers, as manufactured by Cato, with body and hinged cover injection molded of high-density red polyethylene and scored acrylic break panel with UV resistant instruction label. If model with breaker bar is specified, the bar is galvanized steel and is attached to the cover with nylon-coated steel cable. Covers with pull handles are integrally molded of copolymer polypropylene and have a UV resistant "Pull To Open" label. All covers come standard with two UV resistant side labels for easy locating of alarm pull station.

CATO Protective Pull To Open Covers (220-R, 220-S)

220-S Pull To Open Alarm Cover


  • Pull to open access
  • Reduces vandalism
  • Reduces false alarms
  • No breaker bar
  • Outdoor and indoor applications
  • Ultraviolet inhibitors



GASKET (X) - The gasket is uniquely extruded with an air pocket, which allows water-tight installation on stucco and other rough, uneven surfaces.

Pull To Open Label
Pull To Open Label
Break Panel Label
Break Panel Label
Side Fire Label
Side "Fire" Label
Measurements Chart for Covers

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